Photographer Attaches Help Note to His Drone After Getting Stuck in the Snow

AI-generated drone holding help sign
AI-generated via DALL-E.

A photographer stuck in the snow ingeniously attached a note to his drone and sent it to a nearby residence for help.

The Taylor family got a shock when they noticed a drone hovering outside of the window just after they had finished up dinner.

“I noticed that there were a couple of lights through the kitchen window,” Trenton Taylor tells Fox 13 Salt Lake City.

“Something was in the window just staring at the family and freaked them out. After about 5-6 seconds, I noticed a flight path like a drone, and I was like, that’s a drone out the window — Dad, there’s a drone out the window.”

Brian Telford is a wheelchair-bound photographer and he had become trapped in his vehicle while driving in Fairview, Utah. After struggling for an hour to get out he hatched a clever plan to use his drone which he uses to take photos of properties in Utah.

After the Taylors had realized there was a drone they hurried outside and grabbed a scooter to take the drone out of the sky.

“He hacked at it, so it was kind of exciting because it was like, yes! you took it down,” says Drue Taylor.

“And then they go out and they fetch the drone, bring it in, and then we’re weirded out because there is a note attached.”

But the note wasn’t sinister, it read, “Help please.” Contained within it was Telford’s explanation that he was wheelchair-bound and stuck in his truck in the snow that he could not back out of.

Telford figured it was worth a shot and was overjoyed when he saw the Taylors coming over toward him. When they found him, they used a side-by-side vehicle and chains to pull the stricken photographer out of harm’s way.

“People are out there that are willing to come out of their way to come out in the dark and snow and lend a hand,” adds the appreciative photographer.

The scooter did not break Telford’s drone which remains operational and the Taylors even have a new-found friend in the grateful photographer who they met in unlikely circumstances.