Adobe Stock Adds Millions of 4K Videos to Its Library

A diver surrounded by jellyfish underwater.
Adobe Stock/Dudarev Mikhail

Adobe Stock announced this week the addition 4K videos to its library, bringing a massive influx of assets to the service.

The updated collection adds a whopping 15 million videos to the existing library, all in 4K resolution. The videos are available for Adobe Stock subscribers at no additional charge as well.

“Gone are the days when 4K was a luxury reserved for high-end projects. In our visually driven world, 4K has become the new standard, offering unmatched clarity and detail that makes HD start to look blurry in comparison,” a release from Adobe explains.

According to the company, which is the same tech giant behind photo and video editing mainstays like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere, the vast library includes a wide variety in terms of “depth, detail, and diversity.” Adobe Stock’s library blends both 4K and HD video options so users won’t need to switch between the two when looking for footage. To start looking through the library, users can search “4K video” in Adobe Stock. They can also click the “View Panel” to further narrow down items with filters to specify details like duration, frame rate, background type, and other features.

A busy city street seen at night from overhead.
Adobe Stock/nao

“With this new offering, you can zoom, crop, and manipulate your footage in ways that HD simply can’t handle, without losing an ounce of quality. It’s about giving your narrative the depth, detail, and dynamism it deserves,” Adobe’s release points out.

Adobe Stock subscriptions start at $30 a month for an annual plan, which nets users 10 standard assets (like still images) or one video a month. For $50 a month, users get 25 standard assets or three videos. $80 a month gives 40 standard assets or six videos. And, at the largest offering, Adobe Stock offers $200 a month plan for 750 standard assets or 25 videos a month. The first three plan offer seven-day free trials. Further, users can purchase credit packs to make à la carte choices.

“Adobe Stock 4K videos offer the richness of vibrant colors and depth, making it easier to bring your vision to life with stunning realism and create a deeply immersive, true-to-life experience,” Adobe’s release says. Adobe Stock has also been instrumental in Adobe developing and training its Adobe Firefly generative AI platform.

Image credits: Adobe