Retouch4Me Adds Dust Remover and Color Match OFX for Video Tools To Its Plugin Lineup

Retouch4Me has announced two new Artificial Intelligence (AI) plugins for its suite of Photoshop Tools that add automatic Dust Cleanup for still images, and expands its Color Match tool to apply color grades from still images to video.

Expanding on its launch last summer, the Color Match OFX plugin extracts color from a user’s reference image or from a built-in library of “presets” and then applies it to the supplied video, effectively like a LUT. According to the company, by using this neural network-powered plugin, videographers can save time and effort spent on manual video coloring.

The company says Color Match OFX can load any image as a color reference for the plugin, and the video palette’s will be adjusted automatically. Users can also fine tune the brightness and saturation of the files to ensure there are no artifacts created or the clip is too saturated. The tool works with any OFX-compatible video editor like DaVinci Resolve or Sony Vegas, and while it is a neural network tool that has the option to pull from an extensive cloud-based library of LUTs, the plugin can operate entirely offline as well to ensure confidentiality and a smooth workflow regardless of location.

“Our current plugin, Retouch4me Color Match, has earned praise for its effectiveness in fixing photo colors, as per feedback from our customers” says Retouch4Me founder Oleg Sharonov, “Excitingly, we’re introducing our latest solution, Retouch4me Color Match OFX, specifically designed for videographers. In simple terms, it replicates the functionality of Color Match, but for videos. I’m eager to see how it helps our customers save time and create stunning coloring effortlessly.”

In addition to the new Video based color matching, Retouch4Me’s new Dust removal tool can find small particles on products, clothing, surfaces, objects, and automatically remove them with just a single click. The company says that with most photography, no matter how thoroughly you clean a surface, during a shoot there will always be some dust or debris in the images. Leveraging Retouch4Me Dust will help eliminate those distractions without having to spend hours manually cleaning it up in Photoshop.

Retouch4Me hopes that combining this tool with the Clean Backdrop plugin will help creatives capture a perfectly clean and distraction free image every time, helping save hours of editing when processing large volumes of shots.

The Retouch4Me Color Match OFX and Dust tools are available for both Mac and Windows platforms. A free demo version is available for users to try as well.