Samsung Galaxy S24 is First-Ever to Upload HDR Photos on Instagram

Samsung Galaxy S24 is First-Ever to Upload HDR Photos on Instagram
Instagram head Adam Mosseri shared an example of the difference between a standard SDR photo (left) and a HDR photo (right) thay cam now be uploaded on Samsung Galaxy S24 phones on Instagram.

The new series of Samsung Galaxy S24 phones will be the first-ever to upload and display HDR photographs on Instagram and Snapchat.

The smartphone manufacturer announced that it had teamed up with Instagram and Snapchat so that users will now be able to use Samsung’s native camera features when taking photos directly from the social media apps.

“Every photo and video you take, or view, will be shown in its full range of color and contrast, from the moment you snap the content, to the moment you post,” Samsung’s VP of Intelligent Imaging, Dr. Hamid Sheikh said onstage at the S24 launch event.

“In fact the Galaxy S24 series will be the first ever to have HDR enabled for photos on Instagram.”

On Wednesday, Instagram head Adam also announced that the Galaxy S24 devices would be the first to receive HDR photo support on the app.

“We’re bringing Super HDR image support to Instagram on Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S24 smartphone,” Mosseri writes on his broadcast channel.

“The feature enhances the quality of photos captured through the Instagram app with more detailed highlights, shadows and color intensity.

“We hope this update makes photos more lively and expressive for creators on Android.”

Users Can Leverage Samsung Galaxy S24’s Native Camera Features

This means Instagram and Snapchat users will be able to keep the high-quality of photos and videos taken with the Galaxy S24 intact when using the in-app cameras.

This also means that users will be able to leverage Samsung Galaxy S24’s native camera experiences, such as its upgraded “nightography” power, Super HDR option, and video stabilization, will be available when taking a photo or shooting a video using Instagram’s or Snapchat’s cameras — improving the quality of the photos that they post.

Prior to this, Instagram and Snapchat would render a screenshot of the camera viewfinder, losing all of the actual processing that happens when a user captures a photo, and downgrading the photo’s quality.

However, according to Endgadget, users will need to enable video stabilization in the native camera app before it will be available to use through Instagram and Snapchat.

While there will be more of Samsung’s native camera abilities available through the in-app cameras on Instagram and Snapchat, Engadget reports that users may want to stick to the smartphone’s first-party apps to benefit from their AI-focused editing features. These features enable users to add background blur, remove reflections, as well as even move subjects around a frame.

Image credits: Header photo via Instagram/Adam Mosseri.