Las Vegas Criminalizes Stopping For Selfies on Pedestrian Bridges

Tourists banned from stopping to take selfies in Las Vegas pedestrian bridges

A new law has banned tourists from stopping to take selfies on pedestrian bridges along the Las Vegas Strip — or face being jailed.

On Tuesday, Las Vegas began enforcing a new ordinance that bans people from “stopping, standing or engaging in an activity that causes another person to stop” on pedestrian bridges and up to 20 feet surrounding connected stairs, escalators, and elevators.

Offenders who violate the measure could face a misdemeanor charge. If found guilty, they could face up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine.

Clark County officials in Nevada, who voted unanimously to approve the measure earlier this month, say that the ban is not intended to target people stopping to take selfies or tourists pausing to watch and take photos of street performers.

Instead, Clark County officials claimed that the measure is intended to reduce crime and increase public safety by ensuring a continuous flow of pedestrian traffic across the bridges.

“The Pedestrian Flow Zone ordinance will help to ensure our world-class tourism destination remains a safe place for people to visit,” Jennifer Cooper, Clark County’s chief communications and strategy officer, says in a statement.

Restrictions on the Las Vegas Strip come two months after the Las Vegas Grand Prix — where pedestrians crowded on bridges to take photos of the event — and only six weeks before the Super Bowl in February, which is set to draw hundreds of thousands of people for those events.

The vote in Las Vegas follows a slew of measures across the world that have been taken in heavily trafficked tourist destinations to deter overcrowding, disruptive behavior, traffic, and activities that could disturb areas’ surroundings.

Last year, an Italian holiday town introduced hefty fines for tourists who linger “too long” to take selfies in popular photography spots. Mayor Matteo Viacava of Portofino, Italy announced a rule that will fine tourists $300 (275 euros) for loitering in beauty spots in the photogenic fishing village.

Meanwhile, a picturesque Austrian town that is believed to have inspired Disney’s Frozen erected a fence in a bid to stop tourists from taking selfies.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.