The Winning Photos of the 2023 Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States

Wiki Loves Monuments United States

The Wiki Loves Monuments 2023 in the United States photo contest held by Wikipedia has announced its winners.

By entering the unusual photo contest, the photographer gives up licensing rights as the image is available via a Creative Commons license via Wikimedia Commons

This year saw over 250 contributors register over 2,500 photos of cultural and historical sites all over the United States and its territories. Entrants must photograph a monument — defined as a protected historic site found on the National Register of Historic Places.

This image captures one of the historical structures associated with the Independence Mines, located in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska. The photograph, taken in 2018, shows the aged wooden structure partially enveloped by snow, with its weathered walls standing in stark contrast to the pristine white landscape. First place | Will Koeppen
The Fruita Schoolhouse illuminated under the celestial grandeur of the Milky Way. Situated in Fruita, Utah, within Capitol Reef National Park, this single-room structure served as a place of learning for the small local community in the early 20th century. Second place | InDancingLight
An early morning January photograph of the Split Rock Lighthouse, located near Two Harbors, Minnesota, on the shores of Lake Superior. The image captures the historic lighthouse perched atop a steep cliff, bathed in the soft pastel hues of dawn. Third place | MichaelDPhotos
This aerial photograph presents a bird’s-eye view of Church Square Park, Hoboken, New Jersey. The image captures the park’s layout and diverse vegetation in the autumn season, showcasing a variety of colorful foliage. Fourth place | King of Hearts
This night-time photograph showcases the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia. The memorial, a National Historic Landmark, stands as a modern tribute to the architecture of the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Fifth place | Daniel M Horowitz
The photograph captures the warm glow of sunrise on one of the iconic Mormon Row Historic District barns with the Teton Range providing a stunning backdrop. This Historic District within Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, is known for its scenic views and historic significance. Sixth place | Don Ashley
This photograph captures the serene twilight atmosphere at the Zedler Mill complex in Luling, Texas. The image is taken after a recent rainstorm, which has contributed to the increased flow and the muddy appearance of the water cascading over the spillway. Seventh place | Clint W Brooks
This image captures Lift Lock No. 6 on the historic Illinois & Michigan Canal, situated in Channahon, Illinois. The photograph showcases the 1848 lock tender house adjacent to the mule towpath. Eighth place | Cnkaufmann
This photograph showcases a cellblock within the historic Eastern State Penitentiary. The image depicts a long, vaulted corridor flanked by rows of cell doors, illustrating the penitentiary’s once strict regime of solitary confinement. Ninth place | Gangway Ghost
This photograph captures the Norway Lutheran Church and Cemetery, an exquisite example of Late Gothic Revival architecture, located near Denbigh, North Dakota. Built-in 1907, the church stands against a dramatic sky, its white exterior and elegant steeple contrasting with the surrounding landscape. Tenth place | MichaelDPhotos

All the photos were entered in the month of October this year with the judges deciding on the winners over three rounds and several weeks.

“We were impressed by many incredible submissions, and as always, it proves to be difficult to narrow it down to just ten winners,” says Wikipedia on the competition page.