Generation Z Teens are Covering Their Faces in Family Photos

generation z teens cover faces in family photos nose cover trend
In a photo posted by boxer Tyson Fury’s wife Paris, her 14-year-old daughter Venezuela and 13-year-old niece Valentino cover their faces in the Gen Z “nose cover” trend.

Teenagers are covering their faces in family photographs in a new Generation Z trend known as the “nose cover” pose.

According to The Sun, Generation Z teens are covering the middle of their faces with their hands in photos as a way to appease their parents when they are forced to pose for family portraits.

gen z teens nose cover trend pose family photos
In another photo posted by Paris Fury, her daughter Venezuela and niece Valentino do the “nose cover” pose.
In a further family photo posted by Paris Fury, her daughter Venezuela covers her face.
In a further family photo posted by Paris Fury, her daughter Venezuela covers her face.

This technique that is being increasingly used by teens is known as the “nose cover” pose.

As an example of the “nose cover” pose, The Sun used an example of a family photo that boxer Tyson Fury’s wife, Paris Fury posted for her niece’s birthday on her recent Instagram story.

In the family portrait, Paris’ 14-year-old daughter Venezuela and her 13-year-old niece Valentino cover their faces for the photo with the nose cover technique — as the rest of the family members smile for the camera.

In other family photos posted by Paris on social media, Venezuela and Valentino can also be seen covering the middle of their faces again.

According to The Sun, teens are extremely online now and often seek out embarrassing photos of each other on social media to mock or tease them.

Covering their faces in the nose trend pose is a strategy to potentially evade this teasing online.

‘Unfortunately, This is The Way it is Today’

Parenting expert Amanda Jenner explains that the nose cover trend is a way for teens to deal with the awkward stages of adolescence — a time when they are perhaps struggling with their appearance and the physical changes that come with puberty.

“It’s important to remember that this phase is a normal part of growing up, where seeking independence and establishing personal boundaries are key developmental milestones,” Jenner tells The Sun.

Jenner explains that the online landscape can be difficult for teenagers, especially when their parents are posting unfiltered and unedited photos of them all over social media.

According to The Sun, before the ubiquity of smartphones and social media, photos were simply thrown in an album and only looked at on special occasions. However, in the current digital world, photos of children posted online can end up being circulated and sometimes being used against them.

The “nose cover” pose allows them to be in a photo to satisfy their parents while still maintaining autonomy.

“It’s very sad that we can’t share and be proud of family photos, but unfortunately this is the way it is today,” Jenner says.

Image credits: All photos via Instagram/Paris Fury.