CVS Store Accidentally Gives Customer Tom Brady’s Family Photos

A CVS store accidentally gave a customer the wrong set of family photos — that belonged to none other than Tom Brady.

The mother of a San Francisco 49ers player, from California, was picking up a set of photos she ordered to be printed at a local CVS store in the Bay Area.

However, when the mom returned home and opened the photos, she was stunned to discover that they were images of Tom Brady’s family instead.

The photos, that CVS mistakenly gave to her, featured an image of the greatest quarterback of all time and his children at the New England Patriots’ first game of the season at the Gillette Stadium Lighthouse in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Her daughter Katie Tonges, whose brother Jake Tonges plays tight end on the San Francisco 49ers practice squad, shared the story of the hilarious mishap in a viral TikTok video.

“The photo my mom ordered to CVS,” she captions a picture of her and Jake with their two other siblings. Two of them are dressed in San Francisco 49ers gear for Jake’s game.

“The photo my mom was given,” she then captions a photograph of Brady with his sons Jack, and Benjamin, and daughter Vivian in New England Patriots gear.

Tonges also shared a screenshot of a text from her father.

“Mom sent in a picture of you kids to CVS to give grandma for Christmas. We just received them today and instead of you guys we get Tom Brady and his kids?” the text message reads.

Tonges’ TikTok video even got a response from Brady himself — with the legendary quarterback commenting that his “mom must have been printing out some photos in San Francisco.”

Retired New England Patriots legend Brady grew up as a San Francisco 49ers fan in the Bay Area. Brady’s father Tom Sr. and his mother Galynn still live in the same area.

“Next time you’re in town we can do a photo swap!” Tonges tells Brady in the comments.

Image credits: Feature photo licensed via Depositphotos.