‘World’s Most Terrifying Sound’ Captured on Doorbell Camera

Aztec death whistle scares woman
The video was uploaded to X where it has received almost 20 million views.

A doorbell camera captured the moment a dog and its owner ran for their lives after apparently hearing a noise dubbed the “world’s most terrifying sound.”

Although not confirmed, the noise is said to be an Aztec death whistle; an ancient artifact known for its eerie noise reminiscent of a human scream.

In the footage, the dog appears to be going to the toilet when the whistle cries out which immediately makes the dog stop as the owner turns and runs back toward the house.

According to Wikipedia, the Aztec death whistle was first discovered in the 1990s during an excavation of a temple in Mexico City.

Experts remain unsure as to what the exact use of the whistles is. Some believe that hundreds of warriors would use the whistles at the same time while entering battle but there is no evidence for this.

It is more likely they were used during death rituals or even human sacrifices since the Aztec death whistle was discovered being clutched by a skeleton with its head removed.

A few months ago, The Action Lab YouTube channel 3D-printed a selection of death whistles which may have sparked others to obtain their own and start playing pranks. Replicas of Aztec death whistles can be bought on Amazon.com.

Speaking on The Action Lab video, James J. Orgill says the archeologists who discovered the device initially dismissed it as “some sort of toy.”

“It wasn’t until 15 years later for some reason a scientist blew into the hole in the top of it and this is the sound that came out,” he says.

A video purporting to show two police officers walking into a dark park area before an Aztec death whistle blows causing them to turn around and run for their lives has been online since 2021.

Although many believe the sound on the video to be an Aztec death whistle, some say that it could be a shrieking animal such as a fox or a mountain lion.