Harman Photo’s Brand New Color Film is Called Phoenix 200

Harman Phoenix 200
Harman Phoenix 200 film.

Harman Photo, the company that manufactures Ilford-brand film, has announced a new color film: Harman Phoenix 200.

The limited edition film, which has been teased by the company on social media for weeks, is a 36-exposure, ISO 200, designed for 35mm SLR cameras, and was made entirely in Harman’s Mobberley factory in North West England.

“We are so well known for our black and white films that we are regularly asked why we don’t make colour films,” says managing director Greg Summers. “We always believed this wasn’t feasible, but I’m delighted to say we were wrong!”

Harman Phoenix 200
Shot on the new Harman Phoenix 200. | Neil Hibbs
Harman Phoenix 200
Marcus McAdam.

Harman says the film produces high-contrast photos with “visible grain and punchy, vibrant colours,” which is backed up by the example photos shared by the company. The DX-coded cassette can be rated between ISO 100 and 400 but Harman believes it performs best at ISO 200 in “good, consistent light, with the possibility of halation.”

“We think this is unlike any other colour film on the market,” says Giles Branthwaite, Harman’s sales and marketing director. “As it is our first, we also recognise it is not perfect, but the film community is crying out for choice when it comes to colour, and we want them to know we are listening.”

Harman Phoenix 200

Harman Phoenix 200
James Cooper
Harman Phoenix 200
Matt Parry

Harman says its color film offering is a sign of its commitment to the future of analog photography.

“This is just the beginning of Harman’s colour journey,” adds Branthwaite. “Sales from this film will allow us to further invest, refine, and improve our formulations, coating capabilities, and colour technology. Our aim is that each new colour film we produce is an improvement on the previous.”

Michelle Parr
Dan Rubin

Analog shooters have been left guessing as to exactly what the new product will be for weeks now with Harman posting cryptic messages to their Instagram — some of which had a phoenix graphic hinting at the name of the new film.

Harman Phoenix 200 is available from today (December 1). For a list of retailers and more information about the product, visit the company’s website, Instagram, Facebook, and X.