You Can Now Access Coverr’s Stock Footage in Canva

Canva Coverr

This week, Coverr, which provides stock footage and music, announced a partnership Canva to bring its stock footage collection to the editing app.

Canva seems intent on adding to its video designs. The news about the Coverr integration comes just after Canva launched a library of licensed music for non-commercial work. This time, however, use will be less limited.

Coverr, which launched in 2017, has a library of stock footage and the integration will allow users to search and add items without having to download them separately. The Coverr stock footage library will also be available for free for all Canva users and can be used in commercial designs as well as those for personal use.

To take advantage of these items, users can open a template, then go to the “Elements” tab. Coverr footage is found in the “Videos” section. However, Coverr’s music library is not yet available in Canva. Users can find what they’re looking for by searching keywords or they can type “@coverr” to see what’s available. Typing “@coverr” and another keyword will also let you search withing Coverr’s library specifically.

canva and coverr integration

“We are delighted to incorporate Coverr into the Canva Content library,” Jared Ben, partnerships lead at Canva, says. “Our mission is to empower the world to design by offering access to design elements that reflect a diverse array of perspectives, backgrounds, and use cases. Coverr, is a great addition to Canva’s diverse library.”

As with other elements, these stock video additions can be further customized within Canva. The editing app, for example, lets people clip videos, change lighting, alter the color, and apply filters. Canva Pro users can even use the Background Remover tool on videos, allowing for futher customization.

Meanwhile, Canva can’t seem to stop growing, both in terms of users and features.

Update 11/17: Coverr’s original press materials noted integration of both stock footage and stock music into Canva, but the company has since retracted the latter, stating it was included by mistake. We have updated the story to reflect the change.

Image credits: Canva/Coverr