Ring Offers $1 Million Prize For Photo Evidence of Aliens or UFOs

A shadow of an alien under bright green light rays against a wall which has a mounted Ring camera.

Doorbell camera company Ring has gotten into the spooky season, offering $1 million to anyone who can capture photographic evidence of aliens using its products.

Believers have until Friday, November 3, to come up with cold-hard evidence and win $1 million. The prize will be given to a “U.S. resident who captures unaltered Scientific Evidence of a real Extraterrestrial lifeform on their indoor or outdoor Ring device.”

Ring says submissions will be reviewed by “a Space and Extraterrestrial Expert,” who will determine whether the “sighting meets the Scientific Evidence criteria of an Extraterrestrial lifeform.” According to the official rules, video must be unaltered, a maximum of one-minute long, and must have been captured during the promotion period.

The extraterrestrial must exhibit “unusual, extraordinary, or unexplainable behavior,” there must be an explanation of “why the anomaly is necessarily extraterrestrial in origin,” the scientific evidence must “unequivocally rule out any known explanations or any new Earth-based phenomena as an explanation,” and it must be clear the footage was unaltered and not the result of a malfunction.

“Whether it’s a video of an Extraterrestrial walking (or flying?) up your driveway and asking for directions or an unidentifiable lifeform exhibiting unusual and extraordinary behavior in your backyard—submit your best footage!” a blog post from Ring states. Currently, the link only says, “Please save your content for now. Our team is actively working to refuel the mothership.” Though, an archived version has the full information. Possibly alien interference.

Gray alien staring at the camera, close-up, daytime.

“Ring Mission Control here. Stand by for your next assignment: Ring’s Million Dollar Search for Extraterrestrials. Sensors have been picking up signs of unidentified life forms in the Neighborhood Nebula, and we want you to investigate,” the initial post continues.

Even without otherworldly visitors, Amazon-owned Ring will give an additional prize by capturing and submitting their “most creative interpretation of an Extraterrestrial sighting” on their Ring devices. Of course, that’s far less interesting than an actual alien sighting, so those entries will be in the running to win just a $500 Amazon gift card.

“‘Out of this World’ Prize submissions will be judged based on creativity, humor, engagement with a Ring device, and more (as defined in the Official Rules). Alien costumes and accessories, homemade spacecrafts, and Extraterrestrial-inspired communication with your Ring device are highly encouraged for the ‘Out of this World’ Prize submissions,” the blog post says about the secondary competition.

The grand prize, if any is awarded, Ring is careful to note, will be delivered in $50,000 amounts over 20 years.

Happy hunting!

Image credits: Ring