Two Men Get Into a Fight Over a Photo at Famous Tourist Spot

Two men got into a fight at one of the world’s most famous photo spots, as the pair endangered themselves on a cliff edge.

The Pedra do Telegrafo close to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a huge tourist attraction and an opportunity for people to get a great photo for their Instagram profile.

Hordes of people line up for a photo that seemingly shows them precariously hanging off a cliff with a dramatic backdrop. But, it is an optical illusion as there is no steep drop.

Busy tourist spots can raise blood pressure, as proven this last weekend when two men came to blows after bickering over a photo.

In the video, a man is posing on the rock holding his body weight as a female companion goes to take his photo. But another man then walks in front of the smartphone’s camera. This sparks a fight as the two men begin pushing each other.

One of the protagonists launches a kick and the pair begin to roll down the cliffside — a potentially dangerous situation.

However, the fracas quickly dies down as the men remain cross with one another exchanging insults.

According to Odia, the man was complaining about a “lack of respect” from the man who was posing on the rock.

Popular Photo Spot

According to The Traveling Child, there is a photographer stationed at Pedra do Telegrafo who helps tourists get the correct angles for photos that look death-defying.

The photographer charges $5 for 10 photos taken on a Nikon camera. But, he also takes photos on people’s mobile phones free of charge.

While Pedra do Telegrafo looks like a sheer drop, there is actually a second rock not far below the rock that’s in all of the pictures meaning if anyone does fall off it, they should be fine.

However, it is still not advisable to get into a fight over a photo and start rolling down the cliff as it could end in disaster.