‘Casually Explained’ Delivers Hilarious and Relatable Roast of Photography

Photography is a costly and challenging hobby. It can be easy to feel the need to defend the choice to become a photographer. However, a new video from Casually Explained goes in a different direction, and instead of defending photography, humorously attacks it at every turn.

Illustrated with hilariously “bad” drawings and some rather nice photos, Casually Explained takes viewers through a so-called history of photography and breaks down different popular genres of photography, performing a lovingly crafted roast of each.

Casually Explained’s trademark humor is on full display here, which means making fun of everything and everyone. However, seasoned photographers should find plenty to relate to and, hopefully, many reasons to laugh.

“The biggest decision you could make is the jump from a phone camera to a DSLR or film SLR camera. This is because of two major factors. Firstly, you can swap the lenses on these bad boys, meaning you never have to worry about where to waste your next paycheck,” jokes Casually Explained. “And just as importantly, they have a much, much bigger sensor.” While the video is a joke overall, numerous bits of helpful information are sprinkled throughout.

“The reason the sensor is so important is because a big sensor makes your photos ‘Look more professional.’ This is the industry term for a photo of anything with a blurry background, or the kids in 10 years will think was made with Midjourney,” Casually Explained continues.

In one of the best jokes of the entire video, Casually Explained points out that many beginner photographers inevitably start wondering how to make money with their photography skills.

“What’s the best way to make money as a photographer? And as most veterans in the industry know, the best way to make money in photography is by selling your equipment,” Casually Explained jokes, perhaps hitting way too close to home for some.

From there, the video looks at different popular photographic genres, including macro photography, which “unintuitively is taking pictures of things that are really small,” while micro photography is taking pictures of things that are “really, really small.”

The video presents a diverse range of photography “genres” one after the next, including wide-angle, tilt-shift, wildlife, high-dynamic range, infrared, disposable camera, paparazzi, portrait, wedding, sports photography, and more.

“If you ever decide to become a professional photographer and get your first paid photoshoot, you might panic that the client might not like your photos. But don’t worry, there’s no way that the client could dislike your photos because you left your SD card at home in your laptop,” Casually Explained says.

“Now, this going to suck for the first wedding you ruin, but once you’ve moved cities to avoid those people, from now on, you’ll make sure to always have 16 memory cards from years past that you’ve thrown away even though most of them could barely hold a Mario Party save file. This compulsive hoarding also applies to batteries, second and third cameras, tripods, flashes, laptops, and literally yourself, which is why almost all pro photographers have an assistant photography, just in case they themselves have a heart attack during a shoot and disappoint a client.”

Casually Explained has many more excellent and hilarious videos on YouTube. Casually Explained also sells branded merchandise on its website.

Image credits: Featured image is a screenshot from Casually Explained