Meta Working on Labels for AI-Generated Content: Report

Meta working on AI labels

As Meta continues to work on its generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including an AI image generator that Meta claims is unrivaled, Meta appears to have ramped up development on numerous generative AI features for its apps, including labels that will allow creators to mark images as “generated by Meta AI.”

Engadget reports that noted engineer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi has teased unreleased features for Meta apps.

Paluzzi’s screenshot of in-app messaging shows that not only the creator of content can label it as created by Meta’s AI tools, but Meta itself can make the claim.

A spokesperson for Meta declined to comment to Engadget, but the screenshots appear believable.

As Meta seems keen to launch consumer-facing generative AI tools, its social media ecosystem must be equipped with tools to label AI-generated or modified content.

Earlier this month, alongside a half dozen other companies working on AI technology, Meta pledged to adopt various AI safety measures in response to a request from the White House. Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI were among the other companies to pledge their cooperation. Meta has been quite transparent in recent months about its AI technology.

Meta’s AI image generator, called CM3Leon (pronounced chameleon), operates differently than diffusion models used by DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney.

Instead of adding noise and subtracting it to create the image, CM3Leon is a transformer model that judges the relevance of input data to build images, which should be faster to train. Speaking of training, Meta says that it has trained CM3Leon using licensed images from Shutterstock.

Meta is working on much more than AI image generation tools. According to Paluzzi, the company is also developing other AI features like a message summary tool and tools for editing Stories on Instagram.

Although it remains unclear precisely when some of Meta’s new AI tools will be available to Facebook and Instagram users, it is good that the company seems primed to label AI-generated content.

It is best to avoid situations like the AI-generated image of a Pentagon explosion that went viral on social media in May.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.