Daredevil Photographer Dies After Falling Off Skyscraper in Hong Kong

Remi Lucidi
One of Remi Lucidi’s epic photos taken on one of his extreme escapades.

French photographer and extreme sports athlete Remi Lucidi has died after falling off the 68th floor of a building in Hong Kong.

Lucidi, 30, was climbing the Trengunter Tower complex when he slipped and fell to his death. He was known online as Remi Enigma and traveled the world scaling tall structures and taking incredible photos and selfies.

Police in China are investigating what happened with officers visiting the Tsim Sha Tsui hostel where he checked in on July 17.

According to the South China Morning Post, he was last seen alive knocking on a penthouse window on the Tregunter Tower on Thursday. A domestic worker inside the flat saw him and called the police but he fell before officers arrived. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The newspaper also reports that a source familiar with the case says it is possible Lucidi has gotten into difficulties while climbing and had been knocking on the window for help before he fell.

Remi Lucidi

Lucidi had last updated his Instagram page with a photo showing a view far above the city with the caption “Hong Kong.” That post is now filled with messages of condolences as friends and fans come to terms with what happened.

“Rip brother. Sad news no one ever wants to hear about a fellow explorer,” writes one person.


Lucidi was an unusual photographer in that he fearlessly scaled high buildings with no safety equipment — even train surfing while holding aloft a selfie stick for epic photos of himself.

Leading such an unconventional life gave him photo opportunities that most photographers are not willing or able to capture. He captured stunning portraits of travel companions sitting in freight trains as well as stomach-churning selfies of himself hanging off terrifyingly high buildings.

He would also bring a drone with him on his adventures to capture mesmeric shots of himself in his high-up surroundings.

Lucidi was from Montpellier, France, and began posting updates of his exploits in 2016 when he began climbing cranes, bridges, and Ferris wheels.

The French consulate has been informed of Lucidi’s death as a police investigation into the incident continues.

Image credits: All photos by Remi Lucidi.