Man Straps Insta360 to His Farm Cat After Wondering What He Gets Up To

A man who wanted to find out what his farmyard cat gets up to during the day strapped the new Insta360 Go 3 to see where he goes.

Jake Watson from Corridor Crew moved to a small farm in central Texas and inherited some fairly nomadic farm cats — including one called Junior.

“They hunt mice, they hunt grasshoppers. I’d like to at least figure out where it sleeps that would make feel better just knowing that,” Watson says in the above video.

After trying out a couple of different setups for the cat cam, the crew settles on sticking the versatile Go 3 onto the collar.

Farm Cat Footage

The angle is shot from Junior’s throat giving viewers a first-person view (or first-cat view) with his whiskers partially obscuring the frame which makes for an absorbing shot.

Watson immediately discovered where Junior spends most of his (in a tree) and also realized that he was getting into the chicken coop where he causes negligible mischief.

Another of Watson’s concerns was that Junior wasn’t finding the cat food he put out for him in a barn, the cat cam quickly revealed that he has no problem finding the food.

However, when reviewing the footage from the barn, Watson also discovered that Junior had encountered a rat.

“I’ve never seen one in here, I don’t know whether or not it had been in here a long time or whether it was just passing through,” says Watson.

“But either way, it seems Junior found a rat but ultimately didn’t do anything about it.”

Junior is perhaps not the kind of rodent hunter a farm owner might hope for. However, the cat cam turned up yet more interesting footage when Junior came across a dead rat in the open which, it turns out, may have been killed by Watson’s dog Abi. When the Insta360 Go 3 was strapped to Abi, she was seen moving the rat around the farm and also picking up a deer leg.

“Watching through this footage opened up a whole new perspective for me,” says Watson at the end of the video.

“And I’m not just talking visually, this farm, it isn’t just their home, this is their world and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to see it from their view.”

Image credits: Courtesy of Corridor Crew.