Stable Diffusion Releases New AI Outpainting Tool Called Uncrop

Stable Diffusion's Uncrop
Uncrop example | Picture from Pexels by Christian Fussi

Stability AI, the company behind artificial intelligence (AI) image generator Stable Diffusion, has released a new tool called Uncrop which allows users to “outpaint” images.

Uncrop will change the aspect ratio of any image by very simply dragging the crop perimeter any way you like.

It is powered by Stability AI’s text-to-image model Stable Diffusion XL and works similarly to DALL-E’s Outpainting and Photoshop’s Generative Fill; using advanced AI algorithms to analyze the source images and generate a “visually plausible representation” into the latent space.

“Uncrop allows users to adjust dimensions by reconstructing images and expanding their visual canvas,” writes the company.

“With just a few simple steps, users can upload a cropped or imperfect image and witness the magic of outpainting technology in action.”

The company says that it can help out photographers in numerous ways; say if you’re unhappy with the composition of a photo it can adjust the framing to make it look better. Or, it can be used to fit a photo into a required aspect ratio for use on a specific social media platform.


The company warns that results will not always be accurate — especially with images that have “extensive missing content.”

“Additionally, it’s worth noting that Uncrop relies on algorithms to analyze surrounding pixels and fill in the gaps, aiming to provide an aesthetically pleasing and coherent result,” Stability AI adds. “The tool’s accuracy may vary depending on the complexity of the scene.”

The company is also urging users to use Uncrop ethically and responsibly, stating that it is “crucial” to disclose any modifications made to an image so that there is transparency in the digital realm.

The Rise of Generative AI Outpainting

Last week, PetaPixel compared DALL-E’s Outpainting tool to Photoshop’s Generative Fill to see which one can extend a photo the best. Unfortunately, Undrop was released just after that comparison was made.

Uncrop is available now and can be used here. There is a free version and a paid version for unlimited usage which costs $7 per month.