Pixellot Show S3 is an AI-Powered 12K Triple-Camera Array for Sports Video

Pixellot Show S3

The Pixellot Show S3 is a new fully automated video camera that captures 12K video via an array of three cameras to shoot and deliver footage of an entire sporting event without any human intervention.

Pixellot describes itself as a provider of automated sports video and analytics and says it is one of the few in the world that delivers one solution for filming, producing, broadcasting as well as provides data analytics.

The S3 is the company’s latest camera system and it is designed specifically with sports broadcasting in mind. While larger college programs, professional teams, and sports news networks can afford full broadcasting teams, smaller college programs, high school sports, and even Single A, AA, and AAA baseball teams cannot. While broadcasting games on television or streamed online does have some level of demand, quality footage of a game is extremely valuable to coaching staffs who want to be able to review footage to plan for improvements.

It is those areas that Pixellot’s S3 makes the most sense. Instead of needing a team of camera operators or even one highly-skilled operator from a fixed position, Pixellot’s new camera can do all that work by itself.

The camera system can be operated under varying conditions for 19 different sports, including full pitches or small courts, indoors and outdoors, from distance, or close to the pitch.

“The S3 ups the game for AI-produced/streamed video: not only will it allow sports organizations (leagues and federations, educational organizations and broadcasters) to scale at a faster and more cost-effective pace, this new camera substantially raises the bar to benefit organizations on the viewing front, the analytics side, and the ability to install and grow systems, meaning more organizations can deploy systems, more athletes can benefit, and more audiences can watch games globally,” Pixellot says.

Pixellot Show S3

This latest unit has a 50% boost in resolution over its predecessor and features a 12K three camera array (likely a combination of three 4K cameras that work in tandem to produce one super-wide raw 12K video) in one compact and lightweight unit. The Pixellot Show S3 promises to capture every detail of a game, providing a vivid, sharp video image for fans who can’t attend in person and a high-quality analysis solution for coaches. Pixellot says its unique, multiple production modes provide different viewing angles for the fans and the coaching staff including a broadcast view, a tactical view for analysis, and a full-pitch panoramic view.

The camera also has an improve artificial intelligence (AI) tracking system that Pixellot says significantly boosts ball and player tracking that results in what it promises is a smoother and more refined final video.

Pixellot Show S3

While the camera is perfectly capable of capturing an entire game from one fixed angle, for organizations that want a bit more variety, the system can also work in tandem with additional cameras that are placed at other points around a field or court.

Pixellot doesn’t list pricing for its cameras on its website, instead it works from an enterprise model that requires interested parties to speak with the company directly. Still, even if expensive, it’s a one-time cost that will likely allow smaller organizations to gain access to camera work that would be well outside what they could typically afford.

Image credits: Pixellot