Tom Brady Threatens to Sue Over AI-Generated Comedy Special

AI Tom Brady

Tom Brady has reportedly threatened to sue two comedians who created an “hour-long comedy special” featuring an AI version of the quarterback.

The synthetic comedy routine entitled It’s Too Easy! features a series of AI images of Brady coupled with AI audio of the seven-time Superbowl winner.

Will Sasso and Chad Kultgen from the Dudesy podcast have removed the video from their channels after receiving a cease and desist order from Brady’s lawyer.

“Immediately remove the aforementioned use of Mr. Brady’s name, image, voice, persona, and likeness, and any other unauthorized uses of Mr. Brady’s name, image, voice, persona, and likeness, from any websites, internet platforms, social media profiles, or printed materials that Dudesy and/or its affiliates, control, including by removing the Infringing Special or parts thereof (including, for example, teasers, podcasts excerpting the Infringing Special, shortform media, etc.), from Patreon,” the letter reads, according to TMZ.

The hour-long comedy routine was accompanied by a series of bizarre AI-generated images of Brady ranging from the Patriots legend DJing to swimming with an octopus. It was then coupled with AI audio.

“Using data from astonishing interviews with Tom Brady and hundreds of thousands of hours of stand-up comedy footage, I have simulated an hour-long stand-up comedy special,” Dudesy says.

Some of the jokes referenced Brady’s recent divorce from model Gisele Bündchen and the 2015 Deflategate scandal.

“Anybody on the apps right now? I’m recently single and thinking about getting on them, but here’s the problem. I’ve never been on them, I don’t really know what I’m doing,” AI Brady says.

“Someone sent me a message on Bumble. She said, ‘You look just like Tom Brady,’ and I said, ‘I am Tom Brady,’ she said, ‘Prove it,’ so I went to her house and let a little air out of all of her footballs.”

Sasso and Kultgen were not thrilled to be forced to take the video down and compared it to live comedians doing an impression on shows like Saturday Night Live.

Despite inciting Brady’s wrath, the comedians plans to make further attempts at AI-generated comedy — mooting a potential special featuring President Joe Biden.

Image credits:Feature photo courtesy of the Dudesy podcast.