Photographer Does Impromptu Shoots After Ferry Breaks Down

Ferry photo shoot
One of the photos from the impromptu photo shoot. A group of people were heading to a black-tie Navy ball.

A kind-hearted photographer stranded on a ferry with 600 other passengers struck up a free photo shoot for the people stuck on board.

Britt Jezak was on her way to photograph a proposal at the Seattle Ferris Wheel when the Walla Walla ferry she was traveling on ran aground.

As the hours wore on, Jezak noticed a dip in morale and onboard were a group of people dressed in blac- tie attire who were supposed to be at a Navy ball.

“It made me sad to think of how much time, effort, money they each had spent getting ready for the event they would no longer attend,” Jezak tells PetaPixel.

Ferry photo shoot

Ferry photo shoot

“Stunning hair and make-up ball gowns uniforms, I was looking at all those people and you could just see that their night was ruined,” she tells King 5 Seattle.

“I might not have been able to get them out any earlier but I could make it a more enjoyable experience and lift some spirits along the way and that’s what I love about my job is making people feel better.”

After realizing that she had all of her wedding photo gear on her person, Jezak asked the captain for approval.

“I hosted free photo shoots at the deck stern for anyone who wanted to join,” she adds.

Ferry photo shoot

The photo shoot proved to be a hit, with many passengers eager to take up Jezak’s offer. The photo she captured not only helped to pass the time but also provided passengers with a tangible memory of their unexpected ferry adventure.

Jezak took more than 1,000 photos and met some kind people along the way.

“I can give people a nice experience and that’s the greatest job I could ever ask for so I just feel really lucky and it makes me feel like I cannot believe that I get to be a photographer for a living this is as good as it gets,” she adds.

However, the couple that Jezak was on her way to meet got engaged without a photographer present so she’s planning to do a reshoot with them.

More of Jezak’s work can be found on her website and Instagram.

Image credits: All photos by Britt Jezak.