Photographer Recreates His Dad’s Old Modeling Pictures

Buzzy Kerbox
Buzzy Kerbox recreating his old modeling pictures with the help of his photographer son Kasey.

A photographer has recreated his Dad’s old modeling pictures from the 1980s when he was a high-profile fashion model.

Kasey Kerbox’s Dad is none other than Buzzy Kerbox, a professional surfer turned model who has featured in major national advertising campaigns for Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, and United Airlines.

In a video posted to Kasey’s TikTok entitled “Recreating my Dad’s old modeling pictures!” The father and son study Buzzy’s old photos on a smartphone and expertly recreate them.


Working on part 3 of this series soon 🤍

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Buzzy was frequently pictured in surfer settings owing to his previous vocation so Kasey’s photo shoots mainly took place on the beach.

Kasey also posted a video where he recreated his Dad’s old photos with supermodel Cindy Crawford that received nearly two million views.

@kasey.kerbox Had so much fun recreating these old photos of Cindy and my dad! #photorecreation #cindycrawford #buzzykerbox ♬ original sound – kasey.kerbox

The fun video was picked up by the Pubity Instagram page where it attracted over half a million likes.

“Dad was the main character back in the day,” writes Aniruddha Hazra. “These are the most accurate recreation pictures I’ve ever seen,” adds another commentator.

Others praised Buzzy’s modeling skills which he owes to his time as an elite model in New York City after he moved there in the late 1970s.

In an interview with OuterKnown last year, Buzzy explained how he went from pro-surfer to model after he received a call from fashion photographer Bruce Weber.

“I was actually in Australia, I was injured in the hospital,” he says. “I called Bruce Weber from Australia to New York, I didn’t know the time difference or the day but Bruce was in his apartment, answered, accepted the charges, and asked me if I wanted to come to New York to do a shoot.”

Buzzy rejected Weber’s offer because he had a surf contest to attend but after he “bombed on the first round,” Buzzy changed his mind.

“I found a payphone and called him collect and he answered again. I said, ‘is it too late?’ And he said, ‘no you got to hurry you can make it.’ So, I went from Australia to New York to do that first shoot out in Long Island for Vogue.”

After that, Ralph Lauren liked Weber’s photos and Buzzy has been a model for the fashion outfit ever since.

To see more of Kasey’s work, visit his Instagram and TikTok.

More information on Buzzy can be seen on his Instagram page and website.

Image credits: Feature photo courtesy of Kasey Kerbox.