Doorbell Camera Captures Black Hawk Helicopter Falling out of the Sky

A doorbell camera captured the terrifying moment a UH-60 Black Hawk military helicopter fell out of the sky — killing two servicemen onboard.

Daniel Wadham, 39, and Danny Randolph, 40, were tragically killed in the accident near Huntsville, Alabama that was captured on a Nest camera.

The U.S. military helicopter crashed on Highway 53 during a training flight last Wednesday when the aircraft “rapidly descended and impact the ground,” according to the Tennesse National Guard.

The above footage shows the Black Hawk chopper in a tailspin hurtling toward the ground and the subsequent huge plume of black smoke bellowing out afterward.

Other videos show the scene of devastation from the highway which had to be closed.

“Words cannot express my sorrow for the loss of these two Tennessee National Guardsmen,” says Brigadier General Warner Ross, Teneeessee’s adjutant general.

“It is felt not only within the ranks of the Tennessee National Guard, but across our entire military community. We ask that Tennesseans continue to join us in prayer for these soldiers’ families amid this tragic loss.”

Danny Rudolph and Daniel Wadham
Danny Rudolph, left, and Daniel Wadham, right, chief warrant officers in the Tennessee National Guard who were killed in a Black Hawk helicopter crash during a training flight last Wednesday | Tennessee National Guard

No civilians were harmed in the crash which left debris scatted across the crash site.

“There’s nothing there, at all,” Chermonica Johnson tells WAAY 31. “You can’t even tell it was an aircraft.”

Tammy Adams tells WAAY that the helicopter descending sounded like a “car without a muffler.”

“Then bam, we heard a hit,” she tells the television station. “We saw it hit the ground and it exploded. We knew there could not be anybody surviving that.”

Daniel Wadham of Joelton had 15 years of service, and Danny Randolph of Murfreesboro had 13 years of service. The soldiers were assigned to A Company, 1-230th Assault Helicopter Battalion, from Nashville’s Berry Field Air National Guard Base.

Federal and state authorities are investigating the accident and the Tennessee National Guard will provide more information as details become available.