ON1 Adds New Healing Brush Features and Improves Performance and AI

ON1 2023

ON1 has announced the first major update to Photo RAW for 2023 which improves crop overlays, makes sky replacements better, and adds multiple new features to the Healing Brush tool.

Updates to Healing Brush

ON1 Photo RAW has added three new features to Healing Brush: the ability to transform Healing Brush strokes, the ability to copy with the Healing Brush, and the ability to Move with the Healing Brush.

Editors can now scale and rotate healing brush strokes with the goal of making it easier to better match the area that is being healed. The tool even supports flipping the brush so that if an editor is copying from one side of the photo to the other, it maintains symmetry.

Healing Brush now also allows editors to create a copy of an object within the photo, which ON1 says is ideal for adding objects like more leaves or birds, especially when combined with the new transform options.

The new Move mode of the Healing Brush enables editors to move an object to another area in your photo. Once an area has been painted over, it can then be dragged to a new location. Its size and angle can be adjusted, and the source location is automatically filled.

Other Updates and Performance Improvements

ON1 has updated its artificial intelligence (AI) model for Sky Swap AI, which now has two models to choose from for generating a sky mask. The company says this can be helpful when it comes to buildings or cases where the sky and foreground have similar colors.

This latest version of the software now also includes an expanded overlay for the crop tool with new options including Rule of Thirds, Grid, Diagonal, Triangles, Golden Ratio, and Golden Spiral. These can also easily be hidden if they are not desired.

ON1 says that it has overall improved the AI performance in the app, which editors will notice mainly in how much faster tasks like NoNoise AI and Resize AI are.

Finally, ON1 has added the ability to adjust the user interface font size, which means it will be much easier to customize the view of the app to whatever screen size an editor is using.

In addition to all these changes, ON1 has also added new camera support, new lens support, and fixed several bugs and made a series of other performance enhancements.

These updates are available for free to all current ON1 2023 owners.