New Photo Studio Promises Pro-Level Headshots Without a Photographer


LiloPhoto bills itself as the world’s first professional self-portrait studio where anyone can get high-quality portraits taken without needing a photographer.

The company bills itself as an “absolutely unique project” — a fully automated photo studio that is capable of providing professional-level, high-quality portraits without the need of a photographer, all delivered in a rather compact space that can be placed in malls and other gathering places in metropolitan areas.

The self-portrait studios have a plan to roll out across North America with the first coming to Miami, Florida, in the Miami International Mall. The company says that LiloPhoto will soon be present all across the United States.

The concept is fairly simple and is just a step-up from the classic mall photo booth. Each photo studio booth is equipped with built-in lighting that can be tuned by the subject to best fit the look and style they are wanting for their portrait. The studio will then hold a session of 20 total photos, after which it will present them on a touchscreen. Customers are given the option to apply any of a few different filters onto the photos, and there are some other minor editing features available such as leveling or resizing.

Once a customer is satisfied with the result of one photo, they can print it out from the “professional photo printer” located on the exterior of the studio and also have a digital version emailed to them.

The whole experience is expected to last no more than five minutes and costs $19.90 per session, and while that only includes one final photo, LiloPhoto also has the option to add more photos from the session for an extra cost, all the way up through the choice to buy all 20 photos, should they want.

The resulting portraits do look well-lit, though quite similar to one another:

LiloPhoto says that it only uses the highest-quality equipment and studio lighting that was selected by its team for the specific conditions inside the booth. It has also been optimally configured by “professional photographers and lighting designers” and the company’s custom software is billed as simple and easy to use.

The launch of LiloPhoto in the Miami International Mall is part of a larger partnership with Simon Property Group which owns similar malls around the country. While the details of the partnership were not revealed, it would make sense that LiloPhoto has plans to expand its booth through Simon’s huge library of nationwide properties.

Image credits: LiloPhoto