Images from Space and Earth Show the Terrifying Power of Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian has made landfall in Florida threatening the lives of residents and leaving millions without power.

NAS’s Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite 16 (GOES-16) captured images of the storm as it blew winds of 155 miles per hour, briefly making it a category four storm until it mercifully subsided as it moved inland. It is now considered a category one storm.

Simulated natural-color images from GOES-16

Meanwhile, astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have been capturing stunning scenes of the storm from above with the station’s hardware visible. The photos, taken of the storm on Monday, were released by the space agency on Wednesday evening.

Taken from the ISS
Taken from the ISS
Taken from the ISS

While Hurricane Ian created incredible views for spacecraft orbiting the Earth, on the ground things were bleak. A video from Fort Myer Beach displays the utter devastation the hurricane wreaked upon the coastal area.

Footage captured by Frank Loni shows winds approaching a hundred miles per hour and high water along Estero Boulevard in Fort Myers Beach. Another camera placed on the same street showed a rare first-person view from a camera that was just six feet off the ground.

While Brennan Prill captured video from a webcam, also in Fort Myers, and sped it up into a timelapse so viewers can witness the story surge rushing in.

Fort Myers resident Brad Habuda even published a video of a shark swimming in his neighborhood Devonwood.

Power outages in Florida have struck over two million homes and businesses while the city of Fort Myers has declared a curfew after reports of looting. President Biden will receive a briefing on Thursday at the Federal Emergency Management Agency as Ian continues to move through the Sunshine State.