Cleverly Edited Video Shows Falling Man Turning Into Random Things

In a series of short videos that went viral on Instagram and YouTube, motion animator Kevin Parry cleverly edits himself turning into a wide variety of random things in a seamless motion, from a banana, to a balloon, to a pile of snow.

Parry has been producing multiple clever, short edits for the better part of 2020. The visual effects are impressive and he has no problem outlining exactly how he achieves some of the transitions that appear seamless when viewed in real-time.

For example, in the shot clip where he falls into frame and “transforms” into a banana:

He shared a detailed breakdown on Instagram of how he achieved the effect:

The technique is simple, but tedious. He says that his shot opens with a “fake camera adjustment” so that the viewer understands the perspective of the tabletop in the foreground. Without this, the giant white space might be visually confusing.

He says it then took about 100 attempts to successfully roll a banana in a way that would work for the edit, he finally got a good one that he was able to line up precisely with his fall. Watching the video closely, Parry explains that he blurred his face into the stem of the banana to help with the seamless nature of the edit. Also, for those astutely paying attention, Parry also uses separate edits that actually shows two different bananas.

Parry has several other videos that show how he achieves some of his visual effects, and the creativity required to come up with the ideas as well as the complication involved with the scenes and edits are extremely impressive.

Parry regularly shares new cleverly edited videos on his Instagram.