Photographers to Follow on Instagram: September 17, 2021

Every day, the PetaPixel Instagram account is sharing excellent photography from our readers and those who inspire us. Here is a look at some of our recent favorite posts and the photographers behind the lens.

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Below, we recognize a selection of talented photographers who recently had their work featured on @PetaPixel. Keep posting your images with #petapixel and you could find yourself here next week.

Carim Jost, found on Instagram as @carim_jost, is a 37-year-old amateur photographer based in Switzerland. Jost has a passion for wilderness and adventure and loves sharing the beauty of the mountains as a means of protecting them.

Dominik Zagarovsky is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Cologne, Germany whose work can be seen on Instagram at @dominikzky. “Mostly I shoot people that are not models and not in some kind of creative industry,” Zagarovsky told PetaPixel. “My goal is creating a connection with them, which makes them feel like being in front of the camera is the most normal thing in the world.”

Matt Kenneally, or @matt_kenneally on Instagram, is a London-based photographer that specializes in time-slices. These time-slices show the passage of time in a single image and take hours to capture all the frames needed.

Kevin Kielty, whose main Instagram account is @shakes11, is an amateur photographer living in Southern California. “I focus mainly on surfing photos and wildlife/animals,” Kielty told PetaPixel through email. “And am hoping to move professionally into either field.”

For this particular photo that’s sure to put a smile on your face, he used the Nikon D500 and Nikkor 200-500mm lens. Keilty said it was shot at a spot called The Wedge in Newport Beach, California “on a day when the waves were breaking 15-20 feet.”

Alan Shapiro, known as @alanshapiro515 on Instagram, is a multi-talented photographer who said that he still can’t decide whether he prefers portraiture, food, still life, or macro. Any which way, photography for Shapiro came as a stress-relieving hobby and he “turned it into a joy-filled second career.”

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Image credits: All photographs used with the permission of their respective photographers.