Apple Touts its iPhone 12 Camera with Impressive ‘Full Bloom’ Video

Apple is continuing its “Experiments” videos series and has released the latest in the collection which was shot on iPhone 12 titled “Full Bloom,” just in time to celebrate the spring season.

To showcase the high-quality visuals that can be achieved using Apple’s latest iPhones and their cameras, the company has released several behind-the-scenes videos of what it calls the “Experiments” series.

In early 2020, PetaPixel covered the “Fire and Ice” episode, in which Apple showed the creative capabilities of its iPhone 11 Pro camera, followed by “Dark Universe” which was shot using iPhone 12 Pro. The latest in the series, “Full Bloom”, is a celebration of “spring’s colors, life, and growth with iPhone 12.”

Commissioned by Apple and created by the media company Incite, this colorful video uses stop motion, slow motion, and time-lapses to experiment with different compositions and movements of flowers, leaves, and fungi.

Stop motion can be as creative (and complex) as the photographer wants it to be. The duo used fruit, vegetables, and flowers to create a brief visual story that shows them transforming from one into another, while the slow-motion shot shows water droplets in great detail as they fall on leaves and petals.

The time-lapse was shot by the team for over eight hours overnight, using just the smartphone, a lamp, water, and of course, the plants. The result shows just how much the plants blossomed throughout the night, a process that we don’t get to see with a naked eye.

This latest installment of “Experiments” appears to be the most approachable by anyone who wants to replicate the shots or be inspired by the setups that the team uses. With just a help of a smartphone tripod and a lamp, any beginner can get inspired by the team’s work to create their own nature-themed visuals at home using the tools they have at hand.

“Full Bloom” is the second video shot with iPhone 12, following “Everyday Experiments,” where the team at Incite showed three different demonstrations: “Balloons + Slo-mo,” “Oil + Water + Macro,” and “Glow-sticks + Night Mode,” with the behind-the-scenes footage often just as interesting as the actual final result.

You can see the full list of Apple’s previous “Experiments” clips here or read the latest iPhone 12 review if you want to learn more about the camera capabilities on this smartphone.