Photographer Mixes Silhouettes with Sky Photos to Make Whimsical Scenes

Have you ever stared up at clouds and tried to see shapes in the formations? Photographer Lân Nguyen channels that energy into images that mix silhouettes with colorful cloud-dotted skyscapes to create dreamy scenes.

Nguyen’s Instagram is filled with eye-catching images that blur the lines between fantasy and reality by mixing differing foreground elements with clouds to produce one-of-a-kind images. The clouds’ colors are enhanced in Photoshop to make them “pop” from the background, and Nguyen adds dark silhouettes to give the shapes he sees new forms.

Nguyen’s concept is simple but well-executed. It hinges on tapping into the child-like part of everyone’s brain that once made imaginary worlds out of clouds in the sky.

“What started as just posting sunset photos that I’ve captured with my phone in 2017 quickly turned into uploading creative and unique images that no one has ever seen before,” Nguyen says. “I always try to find beauty and uniqueness in common scenes or objects, this results in images that you probably know me from like the cloud/moon rose or cloud heart.”

Images like Nguyen’s are likely popular because they provide a sense of escapism. In a world that is still struggling with a challenging time, many could certainly use a chance to mentally get away from it all.

For more from Nguyen, you can visit his website or follow him on Instagram.