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Wear This Shirt When Traveling Where You Don’t Speak the Language


If you’re planning to travel to a country where you don’t speak the language, there’s a line of clothing that’s designed to make your trip easier. It features a grid of icons that you can point to when asking locals for help.

The clothing is made by a brand called ICONSPEAK, and the World Edition line features a 5×8 grid of 39 icons (and a logo) for asking about things like bus stops, airports, restrooms, hospitals, and restaurants.

“Being a shirt and not an app, it is also interactive and fun to use, requires no battery and is super durable!” ICONSPEAK says.

In addition to the World Edition, there are also Country and City lines that feature icons that are more specific to those places (including local landmarks).

ICONSPEAK clothing is available from the company’s online store and costs $29 for a tanktop, $33 for a shirt, and $44 for a sweatshirt.