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Isolated Photographer Shoots LEGO Wedding to Stay Creative


Photographers are finding all kinds of ways to keep their skills sharp while on lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. For UK-based wedding photographer Chris Wallace of Carpe Diem Photography, that meant setting up and shooting a wedding at home… with LEGO.

Wallace’s words and photos are below:

“Wow what an incredible day! Florence & Fred were extremely lucky to have their wedding during lock-down, the suppliers pulled out all the stops to make this magical day happen. They first met in a warehouse, it was a meeting like no other. On the Amazon conveyor belt, their eyes made contact and they fell in love, it was from that moment they knew they would be together forever.

“I started Florence & Fred’s wedding journey with a pre-shoot on the beach during sunset, in front of my computer screen after I typed ‘sunset’ into Google. As you can see from their first photo, we were blessed with that incredible sky.”

“On the wedding day, Fred Arrived at the venue in his 90’s Mercedes SL-500 that he found in the attic. Along with his groomsmen, he enjoyed a relaxed drink prior to the ceremony. Florence, unfortunately, had to get ready on her own as her bridesmaids were in isolation and due to inflated prices, were far too expensive to buy from Amazon.”

“The ceremony was held outdoors in the most gorgeous of settings, filled with the greenest of plastic leaves and most colorful plastic flowers.”

“After the ceremony, we started with some group photos with family and friends, then took the bride and groom off for some portraits in the back garden and on the shed roof […]

“The stunning venue was set in red and yellow plastic brick, because these are the colors I had most of, and set in the incredible location inside a summerhouse/shed in the heart of Cheshire. We headed there after the portraits to hear some very funny but silent speeches, before heading back out for photos of the sunset.”

“This was one of the most amazing sunsets we have ever seen, created by a flash and an orange gel. Oddly enough, after the sunset, it poured with rain and this amazing couple stood getting wet for at least 20 minutes while I controlled the flash, camera and squirted water at them, but was worth it for the images we created.”

“We then headed back over to the venue for an amazing party, most guests had to sit out due to social distancing […]”

“As soon as the 5 people had stopped dancing, we were able to head back outside to enjoy some sparklers but had to cut this short as a few guests caught fire and melted. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be saved, but made a funny wedding story to tell.”

“Thanks so much to Florence & Fred for having me along to capture your special day, you were amazing to work with. And Florence, hope your hair grows back after the sparkler incident. You were both so easy to work with and took direction very well!”

There’s a larger set of photos from his wedding shoot here. You can also find more of Wallace’s work on his website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.