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Woman Pays for a Pro Photo Shoot for Her Cat, Has No Regrets


Want professional portraits… of your cat? If so, there are pet portrait photographers out there that can make your dreams come true. One woman who decided to pay for a pro photo shoot for her cat earlier this year has made a splash by sharing the photos, and she says she has no regrets at all.

Back in January, Redditor Loverstits hired photographer Sarah Bourque of Wally & Roops Pet Photography to book a shoot for her cat Kazmir. Bourque, Kazmir’s owner, and Kazmir visited beautiful Cattle Point in Victoria, British Columbia, to conduct the shoot.

The shoot, which cost $175 Canadian (~$123), was complete with an assistant holding an off-camera flash.

Kazmir was actually wearing a harness and leash during the shoot. Bourque removed them in Photoshop afterward.

“In times like these you can really see how important the arts are to bring our community together,” Kazmir’s owner writes. “People can dunk on me all they want for spending money on this, and the truth is I don’t make a lot of money. (You know how expensive it is to live in Victoria).

“These photos are going to be so valuable to me when my little guy is no longer with us. Anyone can take a picture but photographers are the real Gs for capturing a whole moment.”

Kazmir’s owner a photo from the shoot with the 24 million subscribers on the subreddit /r/aww, and it quickly racked up over 129,000 upvotes and became one of the top posts of the past month.

You can find more of Bourque’s work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

(via Reddit via Bored Panda)

Image credits: Photographs by Sarah Bourque and used with permission