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YouTubers Share Their Stay-at-Home Workouts for Camera Nerds


YouTuber Gerald Undone has created a lighthearted “stay-at-home workout tutorial” for photographers who are self-isolating, doing their part to help slow the spread novel coronavirus. The video features a bunch of photographers and videographers you’ll recognize as it tries to provide a little bit of comic relief … and help you get swole.

Between Gerald and the rest of the “camera fitness experts” featured, you have to admire their creativity in coming up with workout moves. From the predictable moves like camera bag pushups and lens curls, to some genuinely out-there stuff like lightning cable battle rope, slider squats, and just about anything you can do with a C-Stand.

Obviously, this isn’t meant to make light of the financial struggles that many freelance photographers—including people featured in this video—are facing as their contracts are cancelled or postponed indefinitely, and if you’re looking for more serious advice, you can find that here. But if you’re going for a laugh, this video will do the trick.

Oh, and be sure to stick around to the end for C-Stand pole dancing by Dunna Did It… totally worth the wait.