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Footage of the Apollo 16 ‘Lunar Rover Grand Prix’ Upscaled to 4K and 60fps


YouTuber Denis Shiryaev has been on a roll lately, using AI to increase the resolution and framerate of classic films, and posting the results to his channel. His latest is also one of the most fun to watch: an upscaled version of the Apollo 16 “LRV Grand Prix” captured on the lunar surface on April 21st, 1972.

For this particular project, Shiryaev used the stabilized version of the footage that NASA itself released in July of 2019 as a baseline. He then fed it through the same AI software that he’s been using to upscale all of the videos he’s released: Google’s DAIN interpolate frames and achieve 60fps, and Topaz Labs’ Gigapixel AI to upscale each frame and achieve 4K resolution.

You can see the original footage below:

Watch the upscaled version up top, and if you enjoy this, you can find several more examples of AI upscaling and interpolation on Shiryaev’s YouTube channel. He’s released five of these clips—three in 4K—over the past month, so there’s plenty of classic footage to analyze.

(via Laughing Squid)