Dad Bod: Recreating Modern Senior Pictures with Dads as ‘Models’

One of the greatest joys in life as a father is the ability to embarrass our kids. Nothing makes us happier than throwing out some completely irrelevant and perfectly timed dad joke. Or maybe it’s the joys of embarrassing our teenage daughter while she’s hanging out with her friends—that’s the best time to bust a dance move, even if it’s in line at Chik-Fil-A.

Well for this special photo shoot we took it to the next level and had a few dads recreate some popular Instagram poses. You know, those senior photos that are all the rage on Instagram right how. Why is there always a foot or a hand in the camera? And why are you laying down in the middle of the road!? You’re going to get hit!!

So off to Target we went. Because what are senior pictures without a trip to Target to pour cereal in your mouth and sit in a shopping cart you’re clearly too big for. Do it for the Gram! Scott Lancaster was the perfect “dad bod” for this photo shoot because the dude has no shame.

Needless to say, we didn’t manage to stay inside Target long. Apparently they didn’t see the humor in a middle aged man walking around in a crop top asking to pour cereal out on their floor during the Saturday morning rush (we got kicked out). So we finished our photo shoot just outside the front doors.

Next up on the roster is Rich Adams Jr., because you gotta have a huge Texas boy in short shorts with a cowboy hat and some knee highs, right? Thankfully we were able to find an empty field in which to do this photo shoot—no fear of getting kicked out by a Target security guy named Hunter.

As soon as Bob Cole, our third “model,” heard about this project, he couldn’t get into the camo crop top, yellow short shorts and knee-high tennis socks fast enough. Because he’s a “you only live once” kinda guy and will do anything for a laugh.

We had to kick a few innocent bystanders off the tennis courts for this photo shoot. We asked them if they wanted to stay and watch, but they had a small child with them and seemed more than a little confused as to what was about to happen. It was epic and awkward at the same time.

This brings us to our final “dad bod” Adam Skaggs—my long time high school buddy of over 20 years.

This is the first time we’ve seen each other since high school. What better way to reconnect and catch up about old times than dressing up in a wig, knee-high rainbow socks, daisy duke cut off shorts, and a crop top Adidas hoodie? Nothing screams the good ole days like this wardrobe, especially if you’re Adam, where dressing up in a nude Alanis Morissette costume is not beneath you (he did that for a play once…).

Anything for the Gram!

Lastly, if you were able to stomach these photos long enough to make it to this point, and if you find these photos remotely funny or embarrassing, please make a dad bod happy and share it with them.

About the author: Abraham Farrar is an OKC portrait photographer who shoots beauty, dance, fashion, headshots, personal branding and, of course, senior pictures. You can find more of his work on his website, or by following him on his Instagram and Facebook. This post was also published here.