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Photographer Knocked Unconscious at College Football Game


A photographer was knocked unconscious at a college football game this past weekend after a player slammed into her as she shot from the sidelines. The scary incident was captured on national TV.

Georgia Bulldogs photographer Chamberlain Smith was covering the Saturday game between Georgia and Auburn at Jordan Hare Stadium in Alabama when Georgia running back Brian Herrien was pushed out of bounds. Unable to stop himself in time, the football player plowed through the crouching Smith, sending her crashing backward into the ground.

Smith was knocked unconscious and remained motionless on the ground for several moments as the stadium and TV viewers held their breaths. The photographer reportedly regained consciousness and was responsive with medical personnel before being carted off the field on a stretcher.

A later update shared that Smith is an intern photographer with the Georgia athletics department and that she was taken to the hospital awake but with a bruise.

Smith was later diagnosed with a concussion.

Smith took to Twitter the following day to share that she’s doing well and how she can’t wait to get back behind the camera.

“[…] I’m so glad to be walking away with nothing more than a concussion and some bruises,” Smith writes. “I will be home resting and recovering for the next several days, but I’m looking forward to being back on the sidelines soon!”