Brutally Honest Caricatures of ‘Typical’ Male and Female Photographers

Artist Pixelcrush has put together a series of brutally honest caricatures that are equally likely to entertain and ruffle a few feathers. The series captures the “typical” male and female photographers “the everyone knows”—and like most caricatures, not all of these characters are… flattering.

This art series actually started with typical male photographers every model knows and typical models that every photographer knows, but after his series of typical male photographers took off, he received many requests to create a similar series of typical female photographers. So, after consulting “a few awesome women photographer friends who offered an abundance of ideas,” we now have a full set of 9 male and female photographer stereotypes, at least a few of which will probably ring uncomfortably true.

Check out both series below:

Did Pixelcrush get these stereotypes right? Did he miss any glaring ones you’ve met IRL? And, most importantly, do you recognize yourself in any of the drawings above? Let us know in the comments, and then head over to the Pixelcrush Facebook page to see more of his art, including an equally honest series of “typical models everyone knows.”

(via Pixelcrush via Fstoppers)

Credits: All images by Pixelcrush and used with permission.