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Shutterstock Adds Background Removal to Its Free Online Photo Editor


Shutterstock has rolled out a new background removal tool to its Shutterstock Editor online image editor, allowing users to quickly and easily extract subjects from their backgrounds in any photo.

Shutterstock says that “isolated,” “transparent background,” and “no background” are among the terms that users search for the most since the subjects of stock photos often need to be cut out and inserted into a different design.

With the new background removal tool, the extraction work can be done for you after you license an image.

“This highly-requested tool enables small business owners, marketers and other content creators to quickly edit and design creative content, without needing prior design education or clunky software,” Shutterstock says. “Now, users can design this content with ease, just in time for the holidays.”

In addition to selecting a photo from Shutterstock’s library of over 290 million images, you’re also free to upload your own to the online editor.

Once you have the photo loaded in the editor, simply click the new image background remover icon, which looks like an eraser.

After analyzing your photo, Shutterstock Editor will color what it thinks is the background with a yellow highlight and present you with a small preview. You can also fine-tune the result by using the “+ Add” and “- Remove” brushes.

When you’re satisfied with the results, hit “Apply” to perform the removal.

Here’s a short video showing the tool in action:

You can get started with the new tool by heading over to the free Shutterstock Editor online photo editor.