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Photo Challenge: Capturing Creative Portraits Using Only Continuous Lights


Photographer Neil van Niekerk recently invited his friend Marco Leibetseder into his NYC studio for a photo challenge: rather than using flash, Niekerk and Leibetseder set themselves the challenge to capture some creative portraits that showcased “depth” in-studio using only continuous lighting.

We love it when talented photographers set themselves a challenge, whether it’s a cheap camera challenge, using only one lens, or capturing a new photo of the same subject for 365 days straight. This is where a photographer’s raw skill can really shine, and Niekerk and Leibetseder demonstrate this beautifully in their portrait shoot.

Using only continuous lights and a few props they had lying around, the duo is able to create images that are more intriguing than your standard headshot, fashion photo, or beauty portrait, manufacturing a feeling of “depth” inside a small New York City studio using only continuous lights and creativity:

Admittedly, the video moves a little slowly, but the plodding pace allows each photographer to thoroughly explain their setup before taking you along for the full shoot in real time.

Watch the full challenge for yourself to see all of the resulting images, and then head over to Niekerk’s YouTube channel for more “2 Perspective” videos where he and another photographer showcase their contrasting styles and, with any luck, help to teach you something in the process.

(via ISO 1200)