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Amazon Didn’t Hire This Guy But Still Used His Photo on Their Jobs Website


Years ago, VP of Technology at Edelman Jordan Guthmann interviewed for a job at Amazon, and had his picture taken while he was there. He didn’t end up getting the job… which is why it’s kind of funny that, until yesterday, Amazon was using a photo of him on their talent acquisition website. Oops…

Guthmann noticed the gaff two days ago, and posted about it on Twitter with appropriate good humor:

Since then, Amazon has replaced the photo with a new shot (file name “Dawson_updated”) but if you look up a cached version of the page, you can still find the original file “TA_-_Image” in the source code. Gotta give Amazon credit for fixing the mistake quickly, but the flub has already prompted a slew of tongue-in-cheek replies to Guthmann’s tweet, which has already garnered some 1.4K likes and over 100 retweets:

Of course, not everybody joked around about it. Several people asked Guthmann if he ever signed a model release, questioning if Amazon’s use of his photo was even legal. We reached out to him as well, and he told us he couldn’t actually remember as the interview was 3+ years ago, but he holds no ill-will towards the photographer or Amazon.

In the end, for Guthmann, it’s just a funny coincidence that gave him a chuckle. Too bad he already lost his “non-job” to another “model.” Hopefully this one signed a release… or at least got the job.