This Entire Music Video Was Shot in One Take… Backwards

Rock/Americana artists Lake and Lyndale spent the past 4 months preparing for a very special music video shoot. Front woman Channing Marie learned the entire single “There’s a Weight” backwards, so they could film the whole thing in one reverse take. Take that OK Go.

The music video begins with a shot of Marie covered in paint and debris. As the song progresses, she sings the lyrics while slowly walking towards the camera—paint, water, and confetti all flying off of her like magic. But in reality, she was walking backwards, singing backwards, and being pelted with all of the aforementioned debris while she sang.

You can watch the full take, forwards, in the behind the scenes video below:

This creative concept was the brain child of videographer Ben Boutwell of CreateWell LLC, who’s been trying to make this pipe dream a reality for years. “Another client of mine tried to do it, but he ended up not being able to learn the song backward, so we did something else,” says Boutwell. “I was so excited to have Lake and Lyndale be so committed to this concept. It was a dream come true.”

The video officially premiered on the band’s YouTube channel yesterday, and you can watch the whole thing up top. And if you’d like to find out more about the months of painstaking work that went into actually creating it, check out the behind the scenes video below: