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This Total Solar Eclipse Film Took Two Years to Finish


The Great American Eclipse was a total solar eclipse that was visible from the US back on August 21st, 2017. Nearly two years later, astrophotographer Phil Hart has just released this 2-minute short film of it, titled “The Moon in Motion.”

Hart spent a considerable amount of time setting up 12 cameras in both Idaho and Wyoming to capture the eclipse from different vantage points, deploying over 400 pounds of gear (including telescopes and mounts). Footage from 7 of those cameras went into this film.

“Outside a busy job, it has taken me all of the nearly two years since this international expedition to develop and apply the specialized eclipse image processing and video editing techniques required to create this,” Hart writes. “All of the visuals were captured on camera on the day. While there is some significant HDR processing and multi-camera compositing there are no CGI or Photoshop creations.”

You can read more about the technical details behind this work in this blog post.

(via Phil Hart via Laughing Squid)