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ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5 Launched: LR Rival Now ‘Bigger and Better’


ON1 just launched Photo RAW 2019.5, a free major update to the Lightroom alternative that adds new features, additional organizing benefits, feature/performance enhancements, and camera support.

ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5

Here’s a breakdown of the primary new features found in 2019.5:

Dual Mode: “Easily undock the Browse Module from the Edit Module, use a second display, or make sales or client presentations on a projector or TV. The dual mode allows photographers to customize how they want to work when browsing and editing photos.”

Edit History: “A full edit history is added when working on photos. Each editing step is viewable, along with the ability to roll-back and compare adjustments. Photographers can also revert to the beginning of the editing session.”

Browsing photos.

Settings Applied Info: “Photographers can now quickly view which modules, tools, and filters are applied to a photo. This non-linear approach also allows photographers to double-click on a setting and jump straight to it for further adjustments.”

Selective Sync: “Enhanced granularity in which settings to apply when syncing your settings (or pasting and saving a preset) has been added. For example, photographers can drill down and only apply a white balance adjustment. The ability to sync cropping, retouching and brush strokes between photos is also be included.”


Hierarchical Keywords: “The master keyword list now supports nesting keywords inside of other keywords. Nested keywords allow photographers to organize keywords as they see fit. Importing a list of nested keywords from other apps like Adobe Lightroom is also supported.”

Apple Photos Extension Enhancements: “Integration with Apple Photos now supports the full raw data, improving adjustments to tone and color. It also supports re-editable non-destructive editing and more native ON1 Photo RAW features like layers, crop, and text.”


First Launch Experience: “If it is your first time using ON1 Photo RAW, there are new walkthroughs to help you learn the basics. This gives photographers a running start and directs them where to learn more.”

Tool Tips: “Tool tip animations are added to improve the usability and shorten the learning curve for each tool.”

Focus Stacking

In addition to the big additions listed above, there are also a host of smaller enhancements found in 2019.5.

ON1 says it has also been working hard to improve the usability of basic functions such as zooming, panning, and brushing to make the entire editing process more fluid for photographers.


ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5 is available starting today from the ON1 website, and it’s a free update if you already own Photo RAW 2019. The app currently costs $64 for new customers, down from its regular price of $80.