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COOPH’s $440 Photo Vest Has Built-In Heating


The photography apparel and accessory company COOPH has announced a new photo vest for feature- and fashion-conscious photographers. It’s a high-tech reinvention of the classic photo vest that has built-in heating.

The traditional photo vest “is an iconic garment unchanged for 80 years, but what they offer in functionality they’ve always lacked in style,” COOPH says. “In the fast-moving world of photography, we wanted to create something for the needs of the modern photographer. Something with useful and innovative features that looks as good on the streets as it does at a photo shoot.”

The Heatable Photo Vest is what the company came up with.

Made in Poland, the reversible vest is ultra-lightweight and can fold up compactly when not being worn.

Put it on, and sheep wool insulation keeps you warm. If you need some active heating, the built-in THERM-IC heating system can warm your hand pockets as well as the kidney, back, and stomach areas of the vest — the companion COOPH 5200mAh battery provides 5 hours of heating, but the vest is compatible with any rechargeable 5V power bank that uses a USB connection.

To control the heat, you can also pair a smartphone to the vest using the THERM-IC Bluetooth dongle and the free THERM-IC app for iOS and Android. In addition to controlling the temperature, the smartphone app can also automatically adjust the temperature as you move around.

As a good photo vest should, the COOPH Heatable Photo Vest provides a number of pockets and storage options for carrying your camera gear, accessories, and other small items.

The reversible vest has a different styling on the reverse side.

Here’s a 2.5-minute video in which COOPH introduces the Heatable Photo Vest and its features:

The COOPH Heatable Photo Vest is now available in black or navy with a hefty price tag of €389, or about $440, for the complete package. You can also purchase the vest by itself for €299 ($340) without the €39 ($44) power bank and €69 ($78) Bluetooth dongle.