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This Guy Took a Photo of His Face Daily from Ages 14 to 21


For the past 7+ years, starting from when he was just 14, David Espinosa has been taking a photo of his face on a daily basis. He recently turned the photos into this 4-minute video showing himself growing to age 21.

Espinosa says he was inspired to start his project after seeing “everyday” by photographer Noah Kalina, who has inspired countless people around their world to create their own selfie timelapses.

“I started taking a picture of my face when I was 14 years old to see how it would change over time,” Espinosa writes. “I decided it was finally time to compile them into a video!”

To ensure consistency between shots, Espinosa chose to keep a straight face for most years, though a slight grin can be seen creeping into the portraits in recent months.

The first five years of selfies were captured using a Nintendo DSi camera before Espinosa upgraded to the iPhone 5, 6, and 6S.

Editing the photos into the video took over 70 hours — Espinosa tediously aligned his face between shots for the smooth “passage of time” look.