The 5 Worst Types of Photographers

Photographers Tony and Chelsea Northrup made this lighthearted 7.5-minute video about the 5 worst types of photographers you’ll meet.

Here’s a rundown of the 5 types featured in the video (which was posted a few years ago):

#1. The Copy Cat: Photographers who are way too “inspired” by what they see you doing.

#2. The Chatty Cathy: Photographers whose incessant talking ruins peaceful photo outings.

#3. The Gear Nerd: Photographers who carry way too much gear all the time.

#4. The Photography Widow: Photographers who give more time and attention to their work than their significant other.

#5. The Teacher: Photographers who constantly bless others with unsolicited advice.

If there are other types of photographers that always seem to get on your nerves, feel free to share their descriptions with us in the comments below.

(via Tony & Chelsea Northrup via Fstoppers)