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This Guy Wins at Drivers License Photos


Jono Zalay is a comedian whose family has a humorous tradition: they troll the DMV by creating a new wild persona every time they need to pose for a new drivers license photo.

Here are some of the drivers license photos Zalay created for himself over the past couple of decades in different states:

After back to California recently, Zalay needed to get yet another new drivers license. And since he had relatively long hair, he decided he would use it to his advantage for his new portrait.

Here’s the progression of how his look changed through styling:

Zalay was then ready for action.

After two weeks of waiting, here’s the glorious drivers license that showed up in the mail:

“Also I acknowledge this is only something a white guy can do,” Zalay writes. I think that is tragic and want every person regardless of race, religion, or gender to have this frivolous of a relationship with people who check their IDs.

(via Jono Zalay via Distractify)