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LEGO Minifig Photographers Need Quality Lenses Too


LEGO fans can purchase a camera piece in certain boxed sets, but there aren’t any high-quality lenses for minifig photographers. So, photographer and web developer Aaron Baxter decided to put together his own.

“Lego released sets for sports like soccer and basketball, but failed to equip the minifig photographers with the proper equipment,” Baxter writes. “I have the solution.”

With a certain combination of circular pieces, you can create the equivalent of a Canon telephoto zoom L lens like Baxter’s 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II.

“The camera piece is a typical Lego minifig camera piece, can be found in many sets,” Baxter tells PetaPixel. “This one in particular I got out of either Go Brick Me (41597) or Jungle Mobile Lab (60160), can’t remember. The ‘lens’ is just basic pieces, common to thousands of sets.”

Canon approves of Baxter’s mini L lens:

Perhaps one day LEGO itself will launch an official set of high-end camera equipment. But until then, custom creations like this one will have to do.