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Rally Car Hits Photographer Standing on Outside of Corner


Photographer David LeClair was photographing rally car racing at Sno*Drift Rally in Michigan last Friday when one of the rally cars lost control, slid off the road, and violently slammed into LeClair, sending the photographer flying. The whole incident was caught on camera (warning: the video shows an injury accident).

Here’s another video that shows the same accident from a different perspective (warning: disturbing video):

Media members were warned prior to the event not to stand on the outside of turns and that these dangerous areas were also cordoned off using red tape, according to Jalopnik.

The rally stage was canceled after the accident and LeClair was taken to a local hospital. He later posted a message on Facebook, asking for prayers and stating that he had broken both scapulas (shoulder blades) and lacerated his liver.

This accident shows why rally photographers should never stand outside of a corner of the track — if a car loses control and naturally slides outward, you could find yourself directly in harm’s way. Luckily for LeClair, he escaped with his life and will be able to shoot another day.

(via Jalopnik and Fstoppers)